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Graphic design has been part of human expression for ages; from the first person who made some sort of drawing on a rock face or cave wall, graphic design has been instrumental in getting ideas across to others through visual representation. Today, designers are responsible for bringing together text, pictures, and concepts in a variety of media-usually advertisements, websites, and publications. Many graphic designers begin work as assistants or apprentices, learning essentials on the job-such as creating designs for direct mailings and making logos. Although many work for a wide range of companies, many also work as freelancers and entrepreneurs. It’s important to remain flexible, to keep learning and expanding; the demand for good graphic designers is always on the rise, and by keeping your abilities fresh and up-to-date you can stay current with whatever an employer needs.

One of the most critical abilities a good graphic design professional has, besides a “good eye” for what’s visually effective and appealing, is good interpersonal and communication skills. Often, graphic designers need to make presentations for their clients; these presentations must illustrate a thorough understanding of the design, why particular elements were chosen, and why the design is effective. A good education from a school or college is highly recommended, too-with a foundation formed at the high school level. An interest in a graphic design career can be kindled through an internship while at high school or college, where the prospective graphic designer can be mentored by one more experienced. Graphic design students can earn credits toward their educational careers as well as valuable insight and knowledge.Training to become a graphic designer can be achieved at a variety of schools and colleges, many of them online. Associates’ and Bachelor’s degrees can be earned in a wide variety of fields, such as digital multimedia, web design, and art and advertising-and can be completed in two years, allowing for a quick entry into the graphic design workplace as an assistant. Going on for additional training at a four-year college will help you become more marketable, and often these schools can assist you in finding employment, or at the very least provide a fruitful networking environment. Another critical piece of the career puzzle is your portfolio; this collection of pieces of your original work allows employers to see your very best efforts. Your chosen school can often give you direction in constructing an effective portfolio. It’s recommended that you continue to add to your portfolio as you gain experience, in order to keep it relevant.

Expect to work at least three years as a graphic designer before moving up the corporate ladder; according to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, experienced graphic designers can advance to positions such as chief designer or art or creative director. And it’ll be awhile before you can splurge on a vacation, too: in May 2008, median wages for graphic designers were $42,400, just $35,000 for entry-level designers according to the American Institute of Graphic Arts. If you’re on the ground floor, or just out of graphic design school, the best cities to work in as a graphic designer are New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Even with demand increasing for good graphic designers, competition remains fierce-but with the right preparation and skills, it’s a career well worth investing in.

Motion Graphics Template – Leveling the Playing Field | Graphic Multimedia

Production, film, and television network professionals know the importance visual content holds when attracting and maintaining a target audience’s attention for the purpose of communication and entertainment. If you are looking to source graphics to illustrate, entertain, emphasize and explain a brief to a client or network, you can impress them with a unique storyboard of broadcast-quality motion graphics templates with complementary images, fonts, video and audio by simply registering with a motion graphics marketplace that sells royalty free stock motion-graphics.If you are a production, film, and/or television network professional you can find online marketplaces that offer a wide selection of broadcast-quality motion-graphics templates to select from, creating unique storyboards that can then be emailed to your client or network for approval before purchasing.

Computer assisted graphic design is an innovative process that merges art and technology to communicate messages and ideas in a variety of mediums. Recent developments have brought to the fore the process of motion graphics that utilizes video and animation technology to create the illusion of motion or a transforming appearance.Graphics have the ability to promote, market, package and brand, with multimedia applications duplicating the ever changing environments that inhabit us gaining much consumer attention. With the advent of computer animation comes movement that many production, film, and television network professionals utilize on a daily basis to increase their presence, competitive advantage and to effectively reach and influence their key target markets.When sourcing broadcast-quality motion graphics to present to a client or network it is important you find a business that offers royalty free stock motion graphics that cover an exhaustive range of categories from agriculture to sports and recreation. Ensure you have access to a fully customizable storyboard that includes: intros, wipes, baselines, bumpers, and end credits – everything you need for unique indents for your program or film. Find out if templates can be bought as complete packages or individual files, that are customizable and vector based – which you can then re-use for creating a variety of projects, and a wide variety of media, including broadcast, film, video, and the Web. Also look for templates that won’t take forever to download,

There are numerous templates available in the marketplace for various applications, including commercials, TV shows, short films, features, webisodes and DVD menus. With motion-graphic templates now becoming increasingly available, as well as progressively more advanced, the playing field is being leveled between large corporations and SMEs. Find a community driven motion-graphics marketplace that allows you to create unique storyboards for a client or network’s approval today. Stand out from the competition.